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OnTarget will form an incredibly valuable part of your sales enablement and training programme.

By pinpointing your reps’ strengths and weaknesses at every stage in your pipeline for all types and value of opportunities, you will know exactly what type of mentoring and training to apply to each rep.

- Rep A needs guidance in closing enterprise-level new deals

- Rep B needs guidance in prospecting for transactional deals

- Rep C needs guidance when in head-to-heads in mid-market deals

In this example, we can see eah rep’s stage-to-stage conversion rates in the funnel.

We can therefore see at exactly which stages in the funnel each rep needs improvement.

In this way, bespoke training can be provided to each rep, focusing on their existing opportunities to ensure previous poor results are not replicated and more sales are closed.


If you are a sales training company, please get in touch to join our growing partner network.

Immediately see where training is required for each rep.

Apply this to their current pipeline to start cutting losses immediately.